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Original Circle® Kitchen


‘Tailor made’ for City Living

Original Circle® Kitchen is an innovative high-tech compact kitchen concept for commercial and residential urban furnishing. This 180° revolving Circle® Kitchen design features all the characteristics of a traditional kitchen with an incredibly low demand on overall space, less than 1.8 sqm.

Whether you are an architect, developer, interior designer, or property owner, you will be surprised at the diversity of new planning perspectives in the city and in the building construction as well as in the resort, hotel and urban development.

More (open) space
More convenience
More fun


 The ALL-in-ONE Premium functional furniture piece for more space and quality of life

This concealable "room within a room" concept is realized with the ability of blending the Circle® Kitchen location independently; particularly where space is at a premium. Through rotating the complete work area may be reached from a sitting or standing position.

With a choice of different models equipped with high-end features this compact “lifestyle mini� dynamic LIFESTYLE KITCHEN is a smart highlight in any apartment, loft, condominium, hotel room, holiday home, retirement residence as well as office and foyer.

Original Circle® Kitchen the next kitchen generation maximizing space for Smart Future Living!
Designer Alfred Averbeck

Product description

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